Sen. Bernie Sanders goes to bat for minor league baseball teams

The senator wrote an open letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Sanders, I-Vt., argues that the plan, which would potentially eliminate as many as 40 minor league teams and convert the lower-level minor leagues into one developmental league that would be co-owned and controlled by the MLB, as opposed to independent owners under the current system, would "destroy thousands of jobs and devastate local economies" -- a very public and high-profile extension of his efforts advocate on behalf of the working class and in opposition to the nation's wealthy.

In Sanders' open letter, he claims that Major League Baseball is making "record-breaking profits" and attendance rose at minor league games this past year, all while players in such low-level leagues were making less than a living wage -- an issue that is currently the subject of ongoing litigation.

ABC News reached out to Major League Baseball for comment but did not immediately receive a response.