Senator Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton Foundation Money ‘A Very Serious Problem’

The Vermont senator announced he's running for president as a Democrat

Sanders said that “anybody now who is running for office, with few exceptions,” is part of that system.

The two-term Vermont senator announced he will run for president in 2016. Sanders, the longest serving independent lawmaker in congressional history, will run as a Democrat in the primaries – the first official challenger to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Do I go into this thing as the underdog? Absolutely, no question about it,” he said. “We're going to be heavily outspent, but I think the American people have had enough of establishment politics, i think they want real change i think they want to see a movement which stands up to the billionaire class.”

“No we're not going to give more tax breaks to billionaires,” he said. “In fact maybe it’s about time that the richest people in this country and the largest corporations started paying their fair share of taxes.”

Sanders, 73, is a self-described Democratic socialist. President Obama even recently joked about what a Sanders campaign would look like.

“Bernie Sanders might run. I like Bernie. Bernie’s an interesting guy. Apparently, some folks want to see a pot-smoking socialist in the White House,” President Obama said at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. “We could get a third Obama term after all.”

Sanders said his first campaign stop will be in New Hampshire this weekend. His formal campaign kick-off will be in May, likely in his home state of Vermont.