Senator on NRA's ties to Russia: 'I remain concerned'

The gun-rights group has denied receiving any foreign money for the elections.

“I remain concerned about the inability to get clear answers to several questions about the possibility that Russian actors funneled foreign funds into NRA electioneering activity,” Wyden wrote. “Clear answers to these questions are a matter of national security, campaign finance law, and American sovereignty.”

The NRA says all contributions are legal and “carefully monitored.”

“As a longstanding policy to comply with federal election law, the NRA and its related entities do not accept funds from foreign persons or entities in connection with United States election,” wrote John C. Frazer, the NRA’s general counsel, to Sen. Wyden last month.

Of particular concern to Wyden, however, is “electioneering, issue advocacy, educational, voter mobilization, or communications expenditures” that might not be subject to the Federal Election Commission’s disclosure requirements.

McClatchy reported in January that the FBI was investigating whether Torshin illegally funneled money to the Trump campaign, but the NRA claims it has not been contacted by the FBI regarding Torshin’s activities.

Wyden asked the NRA to explain the purpose of the trip and identify whether any Russian nationals were members of its “elite donors” program or became members following the trip.