South Carolina State Results Election 2016

— -- South Carolina held its Republican primary on Feb. 20, 2016 and held its Democratic primary on Feb. 27, 2016. 59 delegates were at stake for the Democrats and 50 delegates for the Republicans.

Why The State Is Significant:

• South Carolina traditionally holds the first-in-the-South primaries for Republicans and Democrats and is known for its motto, "We pick presidents."

• The Palmetto State is notable for its large proportion of Christian evangelical voters on the Republican side and black voters on the Democratic side.

Fast Facts:

• According to Republican exit poll results in 2016, half said it matters “a great deal” to them that a candidate shares their religious beliefs – up very sharply from 26 percent in 2012. And the top candidate attribute voters are seeking is someone who “shares my values.”

• Blacks accounted for 61 percent of South Carolina Democratic primary voters in 2016, according to exit poll results, breaking the state’s record of 55 percent in 2008. And Hillary Clinton, who prevailed over Bernie Sanders by a landslide, won 86 percent of their votes.