What's at stake as lawmakers work out immigration deal

Most of the work on agreements like this doesn’t get done until the 11th hour.

While all sides say the negotiations are going well, using words like “intense” and “serious” today, there are still serious issues that need to be resolved.

As Sen. Thom Tillis pointed out, most of the work on big agreements like this doesn’t get done until the 11th hour anyway.

“You know how it works around here. You’ve got a lot of work to do and then all the work get done in the remaining twenty percent of the time you need to get it done,” he told reporters.

Here’s a look at all the individual components of an immigration deal:

Chain/family migration Republicans are intent on ending the process of what they call “chain migration” that allows immigrants to sponsor their family members. This has not been a huge issue of contention with Democrats but they will likely use it as a bargaining tool for other parts of the immigration deal because ending the practice is so important to Trump and the GOP.

Diversity visa lottery Ending the diversity visa lottery, which is how the late-October New York City truck assailant got to the United States, is also a big priority of Republicans. Schumer, for one, has also said in the past that the program has outlived its usefulness, so it’s likely this program in its current form gets cut. It could be replaced with a similar program run like a lottery, but one that is merit -based, in which applicants have already lined up an employer stateside. President Trump has expressed support for that type of system.