Candid Bush Calls Presidential Win 'Amazing'

G O T H E N B U R G, Sweden June 14, 2001 -- President Bush candidly described his razor-thin election victory as "amazing" in a conversation today with a European counterpart.

"I wasn't exactly a landslide winner this time around," Bush told Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson during a photo opportunity at Gunnebo castle.

"It was amazing I won," Bush continued. "I was running against peace and prosperity and incumbency."

Did He Know He Was on Tape?

The comments were recorded by the Swedish TV network, TVS. Bush spoke softly and it was not immediately clear whether he was aware that he was being overheard.

The president also boasted to Persson about passage of tax-cut legislation in the United States.

"It was a big victory," Bush said. "I made the case in the course of the campaign and fulfilled my promise. It's necessary for the economy."

Bush is in Sweden for a summit with leaders of the European Union. The EU presidency rotates among the 15 member states and is currently held by the Swedish government.