Transcript of George P. Bush's Convention Speech

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Aug. 3, 2000 -- George P. Bush, the 24-year-old nephew of the nominee, addressed the Republican National Convention in both Spanish and English. Read a full transcript of his remarks here.

George P. Bush:

I am so proud of my uncle.

I am proud of the man that he is.

A good man … un hombre con grandes sentimientos — who loves his family and his country. I am proud of the Governor he has been — determined to do what is right and fearlessly inclusive.

Most of all, I am proud of the President he will be. A leader of dignity and honor who will push us to become a better nation. A nation of justice, and compassion, and brave acts of decency. A nation where all people … de todos los origenes … can share in the promise and the prosperity of el sueno Americano … the American dream. That is why I got involved in my uncle’s campaign. Because I realized that we not only share the same name, we share the same dreams. The dream for a leader who will bring people together to solve problems, not create them. Who will get the people’s work done for the good of the people — not the good of political careers.

And a leader who really cares about those he was elected to serve … including those of us whose faces look different.

You see, I am an American, but like many, I come from a diverse background. And I’m really proud of it. And I respect leaders who respect my heritage.

Como el Gobernador de Tejas, mi tio ha creado mas oportunidades para nuestra gente que cualquier otro politico.

My uncle and I trade emails. And they’re not about the Florida Marlins or the Texas Rangers. They’re about education. It’s an interest that I share with my uncle and my dad … my dad, who so values education that he carries pictures in his wallet of children from an inner city public school he helped start in Miami.

That love for learning rubbed off. And my first year out of college, I taught high school.

My 9th graders were the kids the system had given up on. The dropouts. The lost causes.

But I learned from them more than they learned from me. By the time the year was halfway over, I’d lost more than a dozen students. Many, to apathy. Some, to arrest.

But I also saw others rise above their harsh circumstances and blossom in gifted and talented programs. They’re now on track for college, and a life far better than the one they were headed for.

Someone recently said to me, “You really made a difference for those kids.” Maybe I did. But as a teacher, I just gave them the tools.

They did something far more valuable. They believed in themselves and had the courage to try.

I really love those kids I taught and tutored. And my experience with them is the reason why I truly believe that the best hope … the best hope for every kid like the Dianas and Hernans and the Ezekiels is to have my uncle in the White House.

He will give teachers, and schools, and parents the support they need to help all children in our country get the best education they possibly can.

My mom and dad always told me … if you believe in a cause, how can you not get involved?

That’s why I’m here. And it’s a new day … es un nuevo dia.

Now is the time to end the cynicism and the fussing and fighting in Washington.You can do that by electing my uncle.

Now is the time to make sure the American dream touches every willing heart — no matter the color of your skin or the accent of your speech.You can do that by electing my uncle.

Now is the time to restore a sense of honor and decency to the White House.

We can do that by electing my uncle the next President of the United States.

Que viva W!

Que viva Bush!

Y que vivan Los Estados Unidos!

Muchas gracias.

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