George P. Bush Efforting Young and Latino Votes

— -- George W. Bush is looking to what some call his “secret weapon” in the effort to win over Latino and 20-something voters: His hunky Latino nephew.

The oldest son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba, George Prescott Bush was born in Houston on April 24, 1976.

George P. (or “P” as he is called by family members) lived with his parents in Venezuela for three years. In 1979, the growing family moved to Miami, where he was raised while attending private schools.

George P. earned a history degree from Rice University in 1998. He immediately entered the work force, taking a job teaching history at Homestead High School in South Florida, a low-income community south of Miami.

Just over a year later, George P. left his teaching position and came to the aid of his uncle, George W. Bush, in his bid for the presidency of the United States.

Encouraging Young Voters

George P., who was raised to speak both Spanish and English, visited more than 60 high schools and 25 colleges in New Hampshire and California during the primary campaign, setting up voter registration booths and trying to convince young people to get involved in politics.

He applied lessons learned as a teacher (viewing victory one person at a time) in his grassroots approach to reach young voters. This generation’s Bush believes that young people are informed and care about issues, but must be taught how to direct their energy into politics.

The GOP historically loses Latino votes to Democrats, and it seems clear the Bush campaign is hoping the 24-year-old will help his uncle appeal to young and especially Latino voters. So far, the fans (mostly young women) have swooned over this young George with football-player good looks.

In June of this year, the Bush campaign released four TV ads — two in English, two in Spanish — starring the handsome,

young George. The ads aired in the New York area, pegged to the city’s Puerto Rican Day parade, in which George P. marched.

Most recently, George P. conducted a three-week tour in support of his uncle, covering more than a dozen states in the West, Southeast, and Midwest, as the campaign inched closer to the start of the GOP convention.

Believing a personal touch goes a long way, George P. spent his time going around to young Latino Republican organizations, walking the streets, listening and basically acting as a “messenger” for his uncle.

George P. will serve as chairman of this year’s GOP Youth Convention, happening in conjunction with the Republican National Convention.

Political Family Dynasty

His earliest memory, George P. says, is political: Standing somewhere, in 1980, at the age of 4, wearing a “Bush for President” T-shirt and holding a balloon in his hand. His first nationally recognized political act came at the 1988 convention, which he led the audience in the pledge of allegiance. At the 1992 convention, he delivered a full-fledged speech, ending with, “Viva Bush!” This year will mark the fifth major election campaign that George P. has witnessed, but it will be the first one in which he is an active player.

Only time will tell if he decides to take up the family business of politics. For now, after spending the summer stumping for his uncle and working for a law firm in Los Angeles, the young George Bush is headed for the law school at the University of Texas.

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