'Strait Talk with Matt & LZ' To Stream Live from Detroit on Sept. 19

ABC News is bringing its original livestream series to Detroit.

— -- ABC News is bringing its original livestream series ‘Strait Talk with Matt & LZ’ to the University of Detroit Mercy in front of a live audience on Monday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. ET for an open discussion about the biggest issues facing America this election cycle. ABC News Political Contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson, both Detroit natives, will be joined by Digital Host Amna Nawaz and ABC News Chief Political Correspondent Jonathan Karl as they talk with business leaders and community activists from the Motor City on key issues ranging from politics, race relations and law enforcement to religion and the economy.

Dowd and Granderson opened up about the excitement behind bringing the show back to their hometown and why this conversation is needed right now.

Why Detroit?

"Then there are the topics that are important but not needle movers -- like gentrification. From New York to Los Angeles, the poor are being pushed out by rising rents and property taxes as developers reshape neighborhoods. Nestled in the shadows of the 'Detroit's recovery' narrative is the question of 'What will Detroit look like when it's over?' Take a look at Harlem: beautiful, yet void of the people and the history that made it an essential piece of Americana. Detroit is progressing toward that same fate and yet it cannot stay where it was. Solving this riddle is as important as creating jobs, whether it is on the news or not.”

Why This Conversation Now?

"We are at a point of incredible disruption in all our institutions. And there is fear that our democracy might be broken and we can't do the things that need to be done. With two major party leaders distrusted and disliked by a majority of the country, and Americans facing this choice in a few weeks.”

"Honestly this cultural division has been going on for some time. Perhaps it's the personalities of the two doing the dividing that makes this year's campaign season particularly distasteful. But Detroit, a city that is 90 percent black, voted for a white mayor for the first time in decades. So once again Detroit can show the nation what happens when voters actively decide to shake up the status quo in the name of salvation.”

Guests will include:

Jessica Care Moore | Poet, Detroit Advocate

Ron Fournier | Associate Publisher, Crain’s Business Detroit

Peter Cummings | Real Estate Developer

Angie Reyes | Executive Director, Detroit Hispanic Development Corp

Yusef Shakur | Neighborhood Activist

Khaled Beydoun Associate Professor, University of Detroit Mercy Law

Fatina Abdrabboh | Director, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Dearborn

Chuck Stokes | Editorial & Public Affairs Director, WXYZ-TV

Ashley McGuire | Senior Fellow, The Catholic Association

‘Strait Talk with Matt & LZ’ will be streamed live on ABCNews.com and on ABC News’ apps on mobile and OTT as well as ABC News’ Facebook page.

Launched in September 2015, “Strait Talk with Matt & LZ” is an original livestream series on politics and culture, hosted by ABC News Political Contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson. With over 30 shows to date, Dowd and Granderson host “Strait Talk” from ABC News Headquarters in New York and have brought the show to cities across the U.S, including Los Angeles, Austin and Detroit as well as Manchester for both of ABC News’ primary debates and Cleveland and Philadelphia for the 2016 conventions.