Supreme Court removes arguments on previous travel ban from calendar

The court was scheduled to hear arguments on October 10.

ByABC News
September 25, 2017, 3:10 PM

— -- After President Donald Trump issued a new proclamation Sunday prohibiting or limiting travel from eight countries, the United States Supreme Court removed cases related to the previous travel ban from its calendar.

The arguments were scheduled to be heard on October 10, after the Supreme Court ruled in June that the travel ban, with some exceptions, could be enforced until it returned to session this fall. Two district courts had previously halted the ban, which was the second such attempt by Trump to restrict travel from parts of the Middle East and Africa. His administration's original order encountered its own legal roadblocks.

The Supreme Court instructed the parties in the cases, Trump v. International Refugee Assistance and Trump v. Hawaii, to file briefs addressing "whether, or to what extent" the latest proclamation renders the issue moot.

The newest travel ban adds Chad, North Korea and Venezuela to Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen to the list of countries from which people are restricted from traveling to the U.S. The new proclamation includes specific conditions that restrict travel on a country-by-country basis and goes into effect Oct. 18.

ABC News' Jack Date and Lauren Pearle contributed to this report.

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