'I Want Damage': Surveillance Video Shows Suspects in NY Terror Bomb Trial

Bomb plot suspect on surveillance vid: "The World Trade Center ... was nothing."

Oct. 8, 2010 -- The jury in a New York terrorism trial is deliberating the case of four men who were charged with plotting to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx.

The FBI arrested the men in May 2009 as they were planting bombs outside the house of worship. The suspects believed the bombs were real, but they were actually made with fake explosives.

The case is built on the FBI's use of an informant, Shahed Hussain, who discussed with defendants James Cromitie, David Williams, Onta Williams and Laguerre Payen how they planned to carry out attacks in New York.

Undercover videos key to the prosecution's argument reveal the defendants in precarious situations.

In one tape from April 2009, Cromitie is heard telling the informant, "You think the World Trade Center was something bad? That was nothing. That was like one match lit and then you blow it up. That was nothing. Don't worry, the worst is yet to come for you guys."

In another tape, Hussain and Cromitie are in a storage facility handling a shoulder-fired missile. Hussain shows Cromitie how to use it.

"This is the handle, OK?" Hussain says. "Once we shoot it, then we destroy the thing."

Cromitie responds, saying, "Easy. ... I wish you had a blank, so we could take a shot."

The prosecution claims that the plan was to use this rocket launcher against planes at an upstate New York Air National Guard Base.

Despite the videos, the outcome of the case before the jury is unclear. During the contentious trial, defense attorneys claimed that there was entrapment by the FBI after agents inserted an informant into a mosque in Newburgh, N.Y.

Cromitie had allegedly expressed his interest in joining Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistani terrorist group that the informant was allegedly linked to.

FBI agents believe that Cromitie was the group's ringleader, and surveillance tape captures him bragging about possible attacks.

"I want it to be like, I need to be right in the middle. You feel me?" Cromitie says. "I wanna just get the whole middle. ... I want damage, to let them know it's not a joke. Damaged."

In another instance, he says, "Imagine all of those planes in one spot. Imagine if we hit all of them. ... Then one of them would blow up. And they [would be] close to each other, and they all got gas too."

Terror Bomb Plot Suspects' Lawyers Argue Entrapment

Defense lawyers have argued that their clients were entrapped and that Hussain is not a credible witness, so the outcome of the case is unclear.

Hussain's testimony, at times, angered the judge, who called him "slippery" in front of the jury.