Ted Cruz Accuses Donald Trump Of ‘Insulting Me Every Day’

Ted Cruz isn't backing down from his fight to distinguish himself from Trump.

"Donald has changed how he has approached me in that he is now insulting me every day," Cruz told reporters ahead of a campaign stop in Manchester, Iowa. "He can do that. But that is his prerogative. I do not intend to respond in kind.”

Later in Independence, Iowa, Cruz joked, "Mr. Trump, has had a lot to say about me lately. Each morning is interesting. I learn a lot about myself from Donald every day."

Cruz, though, says policy differences are fair game.

“We are in the season where we are discussing the differences in policy," he added. "I’m happy to have a conversation about how Donald’s and my record’s differ."

On the issue of immigration and healthcare, he attacked Trump by name.

Trump hasn’t backed down either, telling CNN that Cruz’s colleagues in the Senate think he is a "whack job" and tweeting today that Cruz “lies” and is a “nervous wreck.”

Today, Cruz has started an hourly countdown to the Feb. 1 Iowa Caucuses, opening and closing his speech with how many hours are left until the Iowa Caucuses.

"177 hours, that’s how long we’ve got until the Iowa caucuses,” Cruz told voters in Maquoketa this morning. “177 hours and Iowa will speak.”