Ted Cruz Launches Attack Ads, Mailers Against John Kasich

Ohio governor's campaign calls the ad a "deceptive" effort to smear him.

The 30-second television ad released by the Cruz campaign this weekend explores Kasich's ties to Worthington Industries, a Fortune 500 company in Ohio that last year laid off hundreds of employees, including 115 in Ohio.

In addition to the television ad, the Cruz campaign also sent mailers to Wisconsinites attacking Kasich's spending policy as governor of Ohio, and his stances on guns and the military. This is the first time the Cruz campaign has run a negative ad against Kasich.

Kasich's chief strategist John Weaver called the television ad "deceptive" and an effort to smear Kasich.

"Ted Cruz is recycling failed Democrat attacks in a desperate effort to smear Gov. Kasich," Weaver said in a statement.

"On the other hand, Ted Cruz has never helped create any jobs, but did get a sweetheart loan from Goldman Sachs; a loan that he illegally failed to disclose during his Senate run," Weaver said. "Cruz's attack and own hypocrisy are further proof that the voters can't trust him and he will do anything to win."

Cruz has said that the failure to disclose the Goldman Sachs loan was the result of a "paperwork error" and said he filed it on another public form.

Kasich spokesman Mike Schrimpf called the mailers sent by Cruz's campaign "more desperate distortions and underhanded attacks by Ted Cruz."

The Cruz campaign fired back at the Kasich campaign's criticism of the television ad and mailers.

The two men are in a battle to knock the other out and become the sole beneficiary of the anti Donald Trump vote. Kasich trails Cruz in the race nationally and within Wisconsin. A Marquette University Law School poll showed Kasich trailing Cruz by nearly 20 points in the Badger state.

Kasich has made it clear he is holding on for a contested GOP convention and has argued that a contested convention is an extension of the political process that would serve as a learning experience for young Americans. Today on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopolous," he said such a convention would be "so much fun.”