Ted Cruz's Delegate Counter Cuccinelli Says They're ‘Cleaning’ Trump’s ‘Clock’

PHOTO: Sen. Ted Cruz in Indianapolis, April 27, 2016; former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in Washington, Jan. 20, 2016. PlayMichael Conroy/AP Photo; Molly Riley/AP Photo
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Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia and chief delegate counter for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, brushed off this Tuesday’s losses to Donald Trump in five northeastern states. He said the Cruz campaign will “march on.”

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In the latest edition of the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, Cuccinelli told ABC News’ Political Director Rick Klein, who hosts the podcast with Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, that Tuesday was a “good day” for Trump, but many of the states the real estate mogul has won “will never in a million years vote a Republican for president.”

“Senator Cruz has done well in Republican states,” Cuccinelli said. “I think that tells folks something: Only one of these two can carry on a national campaign that is grassroots-based. You can see that by how we’re absolutely cleaning their clock in the grassroots contest that is the delegate battle.”

Cuccinelli also put to rest any rumors that the Cruz campaign was wooing undecided delegates with a sweet treat -- cake.

“No, no, no,” Cuccinelli insisted. “If you knew our budget you’d recognize that it’s not even possible.”

“Not even cheap cake,” he added.