The Two Things Michelle Obama Wants for Christmas

The first lady says her list is short, but gave a hint to her husband.

Mrs. Obama revealed her wish list during a Q&A today with kids at the Children’s National Health System. Her appearance, which included a reading of “The Night Before Christmas,” is an annual first lady tradition that dates back to Bess Truman. First dogs Bo and Sunny tagged along for the fun.

“What do you want for Christmas?” one child asked.

“I don’t really have a long wish list for Christmas, because I pretty much have everything I need. Moms and dads, we’re not that big on Christmas,” the first lady replied. “I just want everybody to be happy, and I want to sleep in. That’s what I want for Christmas. I want to sleep late. Maybe I’ll get that.”

Later, another child asked the first lady if she owns a pair of Christmas pajamas.

“Do I have Christmas pajamas? I don’t,” she said. “Maybe that’s what I should put on my Christmas list. Okay, Mr. President, if you’re watching, I think we could use some Christmas pajamas. That’s a good idea.”