Thousands Join New Protests Against Trump's Immigration Order

New demonstrations were also held in London and Ottawa, Canada.

Anthony Sandoval, 35, a fashion designer, told ABC News, "A lot of my friends are going to be affected by Trump's immigration policies."

Sidney Grant, 51, told ABC News that he is also worried about possible actions by the Trump administration that could roll back progress on rights for LGBT people.

"People who falsely say LGBTQ people are godless are antiquated. We are the most spiritually diverse of any minority group," Grant said.

Protesters also rallied in the cold temperatures in Philadelphia to protest against the executive action.

In Los Angeles, protesters both for and against the president's immigration order demonstrated at Tom Bradley International Airport, ABC station KABC-TV reported.

In Miami, a crowd marched downtown toward the county courthouse around 3 p.m. local time, ABC afflicate WPLG reported.