Tim Kaine Meets 'Abe Lincoln' at Iowa Rally

Kaine met a Lincoln impersonator at the rally.

ByABC News
August 17, 2016, 3:10 PM

— -- For Tim Kaine, Iowa was more like the Land of Lincoln.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee ran into a familiar figure at a Cedar Rapids campaign event today: Abraham Lincoln.

Wearing a black suit and a replica of the sixteenth president’s iconic stovepipe hat with a Clinton-Kaine sticker on its side, Lincoln impersonator Lance Mack attended the rally, sitting in the audience for Kaine’s speech.

Kaine has courted Republicans and invoked their “Party of Lincoln” nickname on several occasions, most notably during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

After his remarks at the Iowa rally, the Lincoln look-a-like worked his way to the ropeline to shake Kaine’s hand. As Kaine approached Mack, the Democratic vice presidential nominee said “Nice to see you, Mr. President.”

Despite the allegiance of his inspiration, Mack told ABC News he is a lifelong Democrat.

“Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party of 1860 was the progressive party,” Mack said. “I can’t imagine Abraham Lincoln being a modern day Republican. That’s why I’m here.”

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