The Top 5 Rejected Ideas for Beefing Up White House Security

The National Capital Planning Commission passed a new strategy today.

— -- People keep trying to jump over the White House fence -- and that’s a problem.

“A removable anti-climb feature consisting of sharp metal points will be installed on the top of the White House fence,” according to a statement issued today by the two agencies. The retrofit is expected to begin in July and take about a month.

The so-called “sharp metal points” are an interim measure until something more permanent sticks.

But the new security enhancements weren’t the only measures considered. Here’s a look at some of the rejected ideas:

1. Moat

2. Non-Drying Paint

Who knew non-drying paint even existed? It’s supposed to make it difficult to grip the fence. Though the Secret Service considered the substance, they rejected the idea due to maintenance issues and “possible negative pedestrian interactions.” Face it, kids touch everything.

3. Electric Fence

Hey, electric fences kept the dinosaurs secured in the movie "Jurassic Park," so it must be good enough to work on humans too, right? Wrong. This idea was dismissed due to the concerns for animals and power outages.

4. Shrubs

5. Barbed Wire

Barbed wire, while potentially effective, was dismissed because - get this - it “makes the property feel like a prison facility.”