Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell warns of possible bipartisanship on health care

McConnell has repeatedly rejected working with Democrats on health care.

McConnell's comments could be read as a threat to his conference to fall in line, an acknowledgement of a possible outcome or something else. A spokesman for the majority leader declined to elaborate on this remark, but based on McConnell's past public statements, it is at the very least a stark deviation from his prior message.

Aides to McConnell pushed back on the notion that McConnell’s publicly mentioning Schumer was new or noticeable, telling ABC News “he has said that 100 times” and sending a link to a story published Tuesday citing people familiar with his thinking.

But as of this story’s publication, they had not provided any example of McConnell’s making this point in public.

Here is a look at some of McConnell's past comments on working with Democrats to pass health care legislation:

May 2 -- two days before the House cleared its version of the Republican health care overhaul.

May 9

“We're in the process of working together to get to at least 50 Republicans, because no Democrats are interested in participating to change the status quo, which is completely unacceptable.”

May 23

June 13

“Unfortunately, it will have to be a Republicans-only exercise. But we're working hard to get there.”

June 20

[Democrats] made it clear earlier they were not interested in participating in this. They have no interest in it whatsoever,” he said on th. “We know they don't want to participate in what we're trying to achieve, which is to change Obamacare and make it better.”

June 27

“[Democrats are] not interested in participating in this.”