Former Trump adviser Roger Stone says he and the president spoke 'very recently'

Stone refused to divulge the subject of the conversation.

“I'm not going to contradict the president and I'm not going to say when I spoke to him — but I would say this, I have spoken to him very recently,” Stone, 64, told "The View."

Stone refused to divulge the subject of the conversation, saying, “I'm not ever going to get into the substance of those conversations, I'll tell you why — if I do, there won't be any more of them.”

He continued, “I've always taken the position that private conversations between myself and the president, which are occasional … that they have to remain confidential. He has to be able to ask for advice or discuss politics and not find it on the front page.”

However, he did say Trump “knows” his stance on Comey. “I would have fired him five seconds after I took my hand off the Bible,” Stone said.

When asked if he believes Comey told Trump he’s not under investigation, Stone replied, “Yes — I think he did.”

Regarding reports that he was asked to hand over his dealings with Russian officials to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Stone said, “This investigation needs to go forward.”

“I want to testify. I don’t need a subpoena. I'm not asking for immunity and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to wear,” he added.

Stone said he would “welcome a special prosecutor” to examine any collusion between high-ranking Trump aides and Russia, explaining that Attorney General Jeff Sessions' “partisanship” makes him “the wrong person to pursue this.”

“I think the president should pick the right woman to do that,” Stone said without elaborating.

As to whether the president's recent actions are similar to the Watergate scandal, Stone dismissed any parallels.

“There was both smoke and fire, we don't even have smoke here. We have nothing,” he said.