Trump Hints He May Ditch His Jet for Air Force One If Elected

Trump spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview aboard his private plane.

ByABC News
December 16, 2015, 8:03 PM

— -- "Trump Force One" -- you're fired.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump hinted that if he makes it to the White House, he might ditch his Boeing 757 in favor of an even bigger plane: Air Force One, he told ABC News in an interview aboard his private plane.

"Well look there’s something very special about Air Force One," Trump said Wednesday. "Let’s face it, it represents something very very special, like the White House represents something."

"And I just hope, and I’m not talking about the perks because the last thing I need are perks," he added. "I just hope that we can get in, do the job and make America great again."

As he did during Tuesday's night Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Trump reiterated that he will not launch an Independent run.

"I am committed to the Republican Party. I’m leading by tremendous numbers like 27, 28 points. Polls are coming out on a daily basis that have me leading by a lot," Trump said. "I'm convinced that the leadership of the Republican Party will be good and will be fair to me and so I’m committed to run as a Republican."

ABC News also asked Trump about the rise of Ted Cruz and if he believes he needs to attack the Texas senator in order to win Iowa.

Trump deflected: "I think I'm leading in Iowa, now we'll see what happens. I have a great relationship with the people in Iowa."

Some recent polls show Trump in the lead, while others put Cruz in front.

Trump also stood by his plan to make killing a police officer punishable with a death penalty.

"I have great, great feelings for the police of this country. They do a great job," Trump said. "You're always going to have a bad apple they're always be something but they do an unbelievable job. And yes I want the death penalty for anybody who kills a police officer."