Trump Hints He May Ditch His Jet for Air Force One If Elected

Trump spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview aboard his private plane.

— -- "Trump Force One" -- you're fired.

"Well look there’s something very special about Air Force One," Trump said Wednesday. "Let’s face it, it represents something very very special, like the White House represents something."

"And I just hope, and I’m not talking about the perks because the last thing I need are perks," he added. "I just hope that we can get in, do the job and make America great again."

Trump deflected: "I think I'm leading in Iowa, now we'll see what happens. I have a great relationship with the people in Iowa."

Some recent polls show Trump in the lead, while others put Cruz in front.

Trump also stood by his plan to make killing a police officer punishable with a death penalty.