Trump invites family of fallen police officer onstage at annual memorial event

The annual memorial service pays tribute to officers killed in the line of duty.

“Today, every American heart bleeds blue,” Trump said.

“These are special people,” Trump said, after calling Familia’s elderly mother, Adrianna Valoy, up to the stage, embracing her, kissing her on the forehead, and then holding her hand through the end of his remarks.

“We weren't going to bring you up, but I looked at you in the audience and I said, you have to come up because you're representing something so important. You understand that? She loved the department. She loved being a police officer. She loved her job. She was respected by everybody," Trump said as Familia's mother stood close by.

Thousands of law enforcement officers travel to Washington, D.C. for the annual event, founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. In 1982, the memorial service began as a small gathering in Senate Park. Today, the memorial service is broadcast on television and attended by over 20,000 officers and families.

Trump directly addressed the children of fallen police officers during his remarks and said they were among “the bravest who ever lived.”

“They're praying for you. They're grieving with you and pledging to you that we will never forget our heroes, ever,” Trump said, as he pointed up to the sky. “You know what I mean, they’re looking down and they’re proud of you and they love you so much.”

"We don't want it any longer. We've had it. Enough is enough," Trump said.