Trump will cause ‘more lasting damage’ than Nixon did, says conservative columnist George Will

“You can't unring the bell," Will told the Powerhouse Politics podcast.

June 12, 2019, 5:45 PM

Don’t look for the name "Trump" in George Will’s new book, "The Conservative Sensibility." The renowned columnist says that's because Trump doesn't “have much to do with American conservatism.”

On the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast on Wednesday, Will said the departure from traditional conservatism predates Trump, but the impact Trump has had on the Republican party and the country will create significant lasting damage beyond his term in office.

“I don't have the feeling that there's insufficient attention being paid to the president,” said Will. “Maybe, just maybe, it'd be nice to have a Fourth of July where we thought about John Adams and those folks,” he said.

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