Trump legal team 'close to determining' that president won't sit down with Mueller: Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani said, however, that the president "wants to testify."

Rudy Giuliani was responding to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, who asked in an interview on "This Week" Sunday, “Have you simply determined that the president is not going to sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller?”

“We have not,” Giuliani said. “We're close to determining that.”

Giuliani told The New York Times on Friday, and confirmed to ABC News Saturday, that the president will not agree to an interview with Mueller unless the special counsel's investigation has "uncovered something" and reveals its basis for wanting to talk with Trump.

"We’ve been through everything on collusion and obstruction," Giuliani said on "This Week". "We can’t find an incriminating anything, and we need a basis for this investigation,” he said, adding that the investigation has been biased from its inception.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to do an interview with Mueller. Just in May, the president said, “Nobody wants to speak more” to Mueller than him, adding, “I would love to speak because we've done nothing wrong.”

Giuliani reiterated on "This Week" the president's expressed interest in talking to Mueller: "He wants to testify.”

“Well, it's hard to believe that anymore,” Stephanopoulos responded.

Giuliani replied, “Well, it is hard to believe given all the things that have been shown about how tainted this investigation is. This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen that the Justice Department is allowing to go forward.”