Trump Still Paying Fmr. Campaign Manager Lewandowski as Consultant

Trump's campaign paid Lewandowski $20K in consulting fees in August.

ByABC News
September 21, 2016, 5:09 AM

— -- Donald Trump's presidential campaign paid former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski's company $20,000 in consulting fees in August, campaign filings show.

Lewandowski was fired as Trump’s campaign manager on June 20 after a series of missteps that included a physical confrontation with a reporter and being charged with battery over an altercation with protesters at a rally. The battery charges were later dropped.

Days after the firing, CNN hired Lewandowski as an on-air political commentator, a position he holds currently.

Trump's campaign finance filing shows a $20,000 payment made to Lewandowski's company, Green Monster Consulting, LLC, on August 11 for the purpose of "strategy consulting."

“Corey Lewandowski, who is no longer involved in the campaign, continues to receive monthly severance payments," the campaign said in a statement. "The campaign will continue to honor its contract with Mr. Lewandowski, which stipulates he will be paid through the end of the year. These payments are in no way compensation for services rendered.”

ABC News had previously reported the rapprochement between the fired employee and the presidential candidate.

Each day, Trump wakes up, usually in his Fifth Avenue penthouse, and has a routine round of phone calls, sources told ABC News last month. The calls include his campaign leadership, his children, some close allies and, quite frequently, Lewandowski.

“They talk almost every day,” one senior level campaign staffer said, requesting anonymity.

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