Trump staffer tweets photo of White House renovations kicking off: 'West Wing is clearing out now'

"West Wing is clearing out now," Dan Scavino Jr. captioned a photo.

Dan Scavino Jr., the president's director of social media, tweeted on Friday a photo of an empty Oval Office with a step ladder near the fireplace.

As ABC News previously reported, the West Wing will be cleared out for several weeks for much-needed repairs.

Work has already begun on White House grounds to replace the 27-year-old heating and cooling system, the second stage of a renovation that started under the Obama administration.

Other work includes painting and new carpeting in the West Wing and refurbishments in the Oval Office. All of the renovations will be conducted by General Service Administration designers.

Trump took to Twitter Wednesday night to deny a report that while speaking with members at the Trump National Golf Club, he said the White House is a "dump."

ABC News' Benjamin Siegel contributed to this report.