Trump willing to support legal status for 'Dreamers' in exchange for border wall: White House sources

White House sources say Trump willing to support Dreamers legal status for wall.

— -- Federal lawmakers are now in a shutdown standoff: Democrats are refusing to support a bill funding the government unless they have a deal on immigration. Republicans are refusing to negotiate on immigration until Democrats support a bill to fund the government.

Sources inside the White House tell ABC News that the president has expressed a willingness to support legal status for 'Dreamers' in exchange for full funding of his border wall at a cost of about $20 billion over seven years.

Trump has expressed a willingness to do this, sources tell ABC News, even if he gets nothing on the two other big Republican immigration priorities: Ending the visa lottery system and restricting so-called chain migration.

Democratic sources tell ABC News that Schumer told Trump he is open to exactly such a deal: Funding the wall in exchange for a deal on the 'Dreamers.'

Sources said Schumer didn't reject the $20 billion figure for the wall, either. Congress generally funds the government one year at a time, but under the deal that was discussed, a fund would be set up to make money available for the border wall’s construction over the next several years.

This is not a deal that immigration hardliners would like, which may help explain some of the dynamics behind this shutdown. For immigration conservatives, policy changes, such as to the visa lottery and chain migration, are more important than the wall.