Trump touts economy, military but slams Democrats at Easter egg roll

President Trump touted the economy and military but slammed Democrats over DACA.

With the first lady and a bespectacled Easter Bunny at his side, the president raved about the “perfect weather” and touted the U.S. economy and military, calling this a “special year.”

“You look at the economy, you look at what's happening, nothing's ever easy, but we have never had an economy like we have right now,” the president said from the White House South Portico. “We're going to make it bigger and better and stronger.”

“Our military is now at a level, will soon be at a level it has never been before,” he said. “So many military people are with us today. So just think of $700 billion, because that's all going into our military this year.”

Monday's festivities marked the 140th White House Easter Egg Roll - a tradition dating back to the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes. The White House expected nearly 30,000 to turn out for the festivities at various points in the day.

Several of the president's children and their families were in attendance - Barron, Tiffany, Eric, Don Jr. and Don Jr.'s wife Vanessa, who separated from her husband last month.

The president thanked those who helped organize the events, including his wife and the White House Historical Association.

“I want to thank the White House Historical Association and all of the people that work so hard with Melania, with everybody to keep this incredible house or building or whatever you want to call it because there really is no name for it,” the president said, referring to the White House.

“It is special. And we keep it in tip-top shape. We call it sometimes tippy top shape,” he said.