Trump's 1st meeting with Pence since Capitol assault lasted 90 minutes, was friendly: Officials

It came as Democrats called on Pence to help strip Trump of his powers.

The Oval Office conversation Monday evening marked the first time Trump had even spoken with Pence since he called him Wednesday morning, hours before the president's supporters rioted after he urged them to march on the Capitol.

Trump met with Pence after his advisers and allies, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, had urged him to do so. One senior adviser called it "unconscionable" that Trump had yet to talk to Pence after the vice president's life was threatened at the Capitol.

The conversation also came as Democrats on Capitol Hill called on Pence and Trump's Cabinet to use the 25th Amendment to strip the president of his powers.

During the Monday meeting though, the two focused on their administration's accomplishments, the officials said. A senior administration official said they also discussed "the week ahead" -- their final in office -- and "pledged to continue to work on behalf of the country for the remainder of their term."

The officials did not say whether the insurrection at the Capitol came up.

On Wednesday, the pro-Trump rioters had chanted "Hang Mike Pence!" -- targeting him for his reluctance to shirk his constitutional duties and overturn the election results during a joint session of Congress -- and the president has yet to publicly condemn them.

White House deputy press secretary over the weekend said in a statement, "We strongly condemn all calls to violence, including those against any member of this administration." But he did not mention Pence by name.

As the pro-Trump mob ransacked Congress, the president on Wednesday had tweeted that Pence "didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution."

The last time Trump spoke with Pence was on Wednesday morning, when he called to pressure Pence to overturn the results.

White House officials characterized the pair's relationship as irrevocably broken after the events of the past week.