Twitter users call out wrong George Papadopoulos in wake of Russia probe guilty plea

George Papadopoulos is calling out Twitter users who link him to Trump.

— -- Some Twitter users are apparently having a hard time distinguishing a former Trump campaign adviser who has pleaded guilty in the Russia probe from another man with the same name.

After news of the guilty plea broke, some Twitter users lashed out at the wrong George Papadopoulos, a man who is an independent financial planner and wealth management consultant.

Financial planner George Papadopoulos, who goes by @feeonlyplanner on Twitter, tried to end the confusion, tweeting "I am NOT Trump's foreign policy adviser!"

Another Twitter user came to his defense, noting how common the name George Papadopoulos is in Greece.

George Papadopoulos is to Greeks what John Smith is to the English. leave this George alone! — Peter Papas (@CanadianFlags) October 30, 2017

Papadopoulos -- the wealth planner, not the former Trump adviser -- is keeping a sense of humor as he calls out his haters.