With Ty Cobb's departure, Trump's legal shuffle continues

With Ty Cobb's departure, Trump's legal shuffle continues

With White House lawyer Ty Cobb announcing he plans to retire at the end of the month, so begins another round of shakeups.

“I’ve been working with the personnel people on a retirement date and we settled on the end of this month,” Cobb told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl during an interview on Wednesday.

Cobb had negotiated with the special counsel’s team for dozens of current and former White House staffers to meet with the Special Counsel for interviews, some even having to appear multiple times like White House Counsel Don McGahn. Cobb was also in charge of collecting all documents the Special Counsel had requested and turning them over to that team. “Almost everything I was brought on to do has been accomplished in terms of witnesses being interviewed and documents being produced it’s a reasonable time for me to go,” Cobb told Karl.

“The President wants to get this behind him, so he can keep the country safe,” Cobb said referring to the investigation. “I think cooperation was the path. I hope that they are able to work something out and happy to have contributed to that.”

“Emmet Flood will be joining the White House Staff to represent the President and the administration against the Russia witch hunt. Ty Cobb, a friend of the President, who has done a terrific job, will be retiring at the end of the month,” Sarah Sanders

Cobb tells ABC News he has one piece of advice for his successor: Do the next right thing.