US to hit Russia with new sanctions after poisoning of former Russian double agent and daughter

British authorities have said Russia was responsible for the poisoning.

The new sanctions effect goods such as gas turbine engines, electronic devices and equipment, circuits and calibration equipment. A senior State Department official estimated the sanctions could affect hundreds of millions of dollars in trade with Russia.

To avoid the sanctions, Russia would need to prove it is not and will not in the future use chemical or biological weapons, and allow impartial observers to verify compliance.

A senior State Department official said Russia was notified of the decision this afternoon, but would not characterize any response from Russia.

Russia has denied responsibility for the attack.

The response comes a little more than five months after Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter, were poisoned in Salisbury, England with a nerve agent called Novichok, and left in critical condition.

British intelligence accused Russia of an assassination attempt, and shortly after, President Trump signed a joint statement with the leaders of Britain, France and Germany saying Russia was likely responsible for the attack. Trump also ordered 60 Russians expelled from the U.S. and shuttered the Russian consulate in Seattle.

Russia responded by closing the American consulate in St. Petersburg and expelling western diplomats.

Some exceptions to the sanctions required under law, or “carve-outs,” are being made. Among the exceptions are sanctions related to space flight activity due to United States dependence on the Russian federation in several ongoing space projects, and sale of commercial passenger aviation safety equipment. Foreign assistance to Russia will also continue as a “tool of power and influence,” according to a senior State Department official.