Rep. Tim Ryan hits back at Sen. Bernie Sanders with a sticker of his own after fiery moment at Democratic Debate

The sticker came after a fiery moment between Sanders and Ryan.

After the Sanders campaign announced their “I Wrote the Damn Bill” sticker during the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, Ryan's team hit back with their own accessory reading "You Don't Have to Yell."

Both stickers are nods to biting moments between the two candidates, with the Sanders' jab a reference to their debate over Medicare for All, while the Ryan piece came after the two feuded over the fossil fuel industry.

The squabbles didn't stop there.

People for Bernie responded to Ryan's sticker with, "It took Tim Ryan's campaign over 12 hours to make this bad sticker. It took us 5 minutes to make this good graphic: Yell. Vote. Organize."

Ryan then responded by saying, "Bernie organizers can make a sticker in 5 minutes but it took his campaign 8 months to pay their workers $15 an hour.”

Sanders replied that the benefits would be better because of the comprehensiveness of Medicare for All, before Ryan cut him off.

“You don’t know that, Bernie,” Ryan interjected.

“I do know it," Sanders shot back, to roaring applause. "I wrote the damn bill.”

Ryan, at another point, told Sanders "You don't have to yell" in response to Sanders -- saying the U.S. can't ignore the pollution that was caused by the fossil fuel industry.