'The View' discusses Lucy Flores' accusations against Joe Biden: 'She doesn't claim this is a #MeToo moment'

Biden said making Flores feel uncomfortable was "never his intention."

April 1, 2019, 3:54 PM

The co-hosts of "The View" weighed in on the recent accusations against former Vice President Joe Biden and handling uncomfortable situations in the "Me Too" era.

Monday morning, "The View" co-hosts discussed accusations from former lawmaker Lucy Flores that Biden had acted inappropriately towards her in 2014 when she was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in Nevada.

Nearly five years later on Friday, Flores came forward with claims that Biden acted inappropriately with her during her campaign run in an article titled, "An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden" from The Cut. She alleged that Biden leaned in behind her, took a smell of her hair, and then slowly kissed the back of her head.

Flores told "Good Morning America" that she "didn't know what to do" or "how to react" when the alleged incident took place.

"It was the vice president of the United States of America. You just don't expect that to happen," Flores said.

Meghan McCain pointed out that Flores doesn't imply that her alleged encounter with Biden rises to the level of sexual assault. "She does not claim this is a 'Me Too' moment," McCain said. "We need to be very clear on that because some people are interpreting it that way.

Whoopi Goldberg said Biden is a "hands on kind of guy" that years ago some might have simply called "overly familiar."

Joy Behar recalled when she met him in Florida, prior to Biden becoming vice president. "He's a close talker... he talks close, he touches," she said about Biden. "I feel it would be really unfortunate if we got rid of everybody who was just an affectionate person. Those are nice people too."

Abby Huntsman questioned why Flores carried out her story so publicly and what her true intentions were in doing it that way. "Is it simply to let people know, 'I was uncomfortable,'" Huntsman asked. "Or is it maybe because you want someone else to win and to have doubts about actually announcing for presidency?"

The potential presidential candidate responded to Flores' accusations in a statement on Sunday and denied any intention to make her feel discomfort.

“In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once – never – did I believe I acted inappropriately," Biden said.

"If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention," he added.

"The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntaman, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain discuss Joe Biden's response to Lucy Flores' accusations against him, April 1, 2019.
Nicolette Cain/ABC

Sunny Hostin appreciated Biden's response to the accusations, but ultimately felt split in her decision to lean one way or the other.

"I do believe that with this particular situation there was a power dynamic. I mean you're talking about the [former] vice president of the United States," Hostin said. "His response was very appropriate because perhaps he didn't intend to make her uncomfortable, but she's saying, 'You did make me uncomfortable,' and he's saying, 'I will listen.'"

As far as politicians go, McCain puts Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and her late father Sen. John McCain in the category of those that love to interact with people. "When [Joe Biden] came on this show, he's the only politician – other than my father – to go into the crowd and shake everyone's hand," McCain said. "Now that means something."

"Women should be heard," McCain continued. She then referenced MSNBC's “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski's comments this morning on the 'Me Too' movement where she said, "Democrats, you have to ask yourselves: what exactly is the line, the MeToo line, you want to draw? Because you will live and die by that line."

"Joe Biden is a good decent man," McCain responded. "I vouch for his character in my personal experience."

Goldberg chimed in saying, "These things are not Democratic or Republican... I want women to get to the place where they can say, 'Hey, this made me feel uncomfortable.'"

"This idea that you have to tippy-toe away from this or you have to carry – you do not have to carry it. If someone makes you uncomfortable, tell them," Goldberg added.

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