Coast-to-Coast Drama: ABC Offers In-Depth Look at Top House Races

Candidates are facing tough races in Ohio, Virginia, Hawaii and more.

Oct. 29, 2010— -- Tea Party candidates quit their day jobs to run for Congress in this midterm election. Long-time members of Congress are in the political fights of their lives. Elsewhere, Republicans who lost to Democrats in 2008 want their old jobs back and just might get them. Here's our guide to interesting and key House races from coast to coast:

Freshman Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus in Tough Rematch With Predecessor

For Dems, 50th State Becomes Hawaii Uh-Oh

Minnesota Nice? Democrat Rep. Jim Oberstar Blasts Tea Party Critics in Debate

Rocket Woman: What Propels a 28-Year-Old Tea Party Rocket Scientist to Congress?

In President Obama's Backyard, Tightening U.S. House Race a Bellwether

Retired UPS Driver and Hay Farmer Takes on Sarah Palin-Backed Tea Party Candidate in Michigan

Sportscaster's Next Call: Congress

The Rookies: Paul Gosar On the Rise in Arizona

The Rookies: Nan Hayworth Makes Strong Push for Congress in New York

Vote 2010: From Pizza Parlor to Power Player

In South Dakota: Another Sarah Palin?