The Week 1 Flag Went Down and Another Went Up

A rapidly-changing America is currently at work.

— -- This week one flag -– the Stars and Bars of the old Confederacy that define discrimination and even hatred for so many -- effectively came down across the nation.

Another flag -– the rainbow symbol that defines freedom and equality for so many -- effectively went up following today's Supreme Court decision.

The forces that drove these actions were disparate and in some ways couldn’t be different: One was sparked by tragedy; another by love.

But in a sense both are driven by demography, and perhaps both reflect destiny.

This is a rapidly changing America at work, denouncing an old symbol and embracing a new one.

We should not underestimate the degree to which these are uncomfortable changes for a large portion of the country. The speed with which the country is changing its views, and the way it views itself, is startling.

Not everyone is happy.

There are political obstacles in place. South Carolina and other states still have to act on the Confederate flag, and there’s resistance, of course. We are seeing Republican 2016ers call for a Constitutional amendment reversing today’s court decision. There are governors talking about “religious liberty” legislation and even coming close to advocating outright defiance of the Supreme Court.

But there’s no mistaking the powerful history we’re witnessing this week, with one flag coming down and another going up.