‘This Week’ Transcript: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks to ABC's Martha Raddatz

ByABC News
April 5, 2015, 9:21 AM

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ANNOUNCER: ON ABC's This Week. Terror unleashed, the chilling new threat from that jihadist group that attacked a college campus.

Plus, that massive al Qaeda prison break. This morning, why authorities are so worried.

Iran blowback.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL: Israel will not accept an agreement.

ANNOUNCER: Why Israel's prime minister insists the landmark nuclear deal might ignite a dangerous new arms race.

Epic drought: California's governor mandating unprecedented water cuts. Just had bad will it get? Governor Jerry Brown is our exclusive guest.

And new era? On this opening day, baseball's commissioner emeritus speaking out about one of the game's biggest black sheep.

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MARTHA RADDATZ, HOST: Good morning. On this Easter and Passover weekend, I'm Martha Raddatz.

As we take a look at thousands flocking to St. Peter's square this morning to celebrate with Pope Francis. And we'll have new details on his visit to Philadelphia coming up.

But we start off with the new terror threats from Yemen to the U.S. that have officials so concerned right now, including a new threat from the Jihadist group that launched that deadly attack on a college campus this week.

Kenyan police now saying one of the gunmen was the son of a government officer.

Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tracking all of it. Good morning, Brian.

BRIAN ROSS, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, good morning, Martha.

American officials this morning are analyzing this new set of terror threats after an unsettling week of attacks, arrests and anarchy that raised questions on whether the anti-terror strategy of the U.S. and its allies is up to the task.


ROSS: The new threats come from the same al Qaeda connected terrorist (inaudible) who this week killed 148 people, mostly students, at Garissa University College in Kenya.

Christians were executed on the spot, according to survivors.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The gunship (ph) continued and this made us to run to the fence of the (inaudible) and get our way out from the school.

ROSS: The massacre was carried out by the group called al Shabaab that the U.S. has been targeting for years in its home base of Somalia, but the scenes of carnage made it clear whatever is being done to stop al Shabaab has not succeeded.

At home, the FBI is claiming it's succeeded after the arrest of two young women in New York who agents said idolized al Qaeda and ISIS, studied bombmaking online and wanted to be part of what they told an undercover agent would be the last war, the big war, Armageddon inside the U.S.

Neighbors in Brooklyn expressed shock.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's incredible. I can't believe it.

ROSS: But nothing this week concerned U.S. officials more than the anarchy in Yemen where al Qaeda carried out a massive prison break, freeing some 300 of its fighters. One of the escapees even posted pictures of himself inside a plush palace office in the area.

No group poses a more direct threat to the U.S. than the al Qaeda in Yemen network. Its evil genius bombmaker has repeatedly targeted U.S. bound aircraft with bombs hidden in shoes, underwear, printers.