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West Virginia 2022 primary election results

The McKinley-Mooney matchup was another test of Trump's endorsement power.

May 10, 2022, 9:49 PM

In the rare matchup between two incumbent lawmakers in West Virginia's 2nd Congressional District Republican primary, ABC News has projected Rep. Alex Mooney the winner.

Rep. David McKinley faced off against Mooney and three other challengers in the primary.

The McKinley-Mooney matchup was another test of former President Donald Trump's endorsement power. Trump backed Mooney, who has echoed the former president's false claims about the 2020 election. McKinley, however, had the support of Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.

State Significance

The Republican primaries for the House of Representatives in West Virginia are significant because they will help determine which party controls the House and will put the impact of congressional redistricting on full display.

As a result of redistricting -- and a decline in the state's population -- West Virginia lost one of its three House seats. Both existing districts lean strongly Republican, but now there is one fewer seat for Republicans to hold onto, according to analysis from FiveThirtyEight.