State of the Union 2015: It’s Baaaaack! White House Teases Possible Return of Obama’s Tan Suit

A disastrous fashion choice caused a backlash in August.

Just over an hour before President Obama was due to appear in front of Congress, the White House Twitter account wrote "President Obama's suiting up for the big speech" with a photo of a tan suit and the hashtag #YesWeTan. Obama, however, was seen leaving the White House in a dark blue suit, so alas there will be no tan.

The joke plays into not only the president's famous campaign slogan but also the social media backlash that came after he wore a tan suit to a press conference in late August.

The light-colored suit was a startling departure from his normal fashion choices, which typically only vary between dark navy, black and grey suits.

Even though the president has not been pictured yet this evening, it's fairly safe to assume that the tweet was a joke considering the gravity of the State of the Union.

Minutes later, the joke went a step further with a parody Twitter handle being formed. The unidentified user had their own thoughts about the state of the union.