Woman Confronts Hillary Clinton About Her Health

In Iowa today, a woman stood up and asked Hillary Clinton about her health.

The question drew laughter from the crowd of roughly 450 at a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa, and an eye roll from Clinton.

"Oh my. Well, you know, they say nearly anything about me. I've got to tell you," Clinton, replied with a smile, referring to Fox News. "There are several themes they keep beating the drums on."

Clinton, 68, then addressed her health.

"I'll match my endurance against anybody," she said to loud applause. "And last spring, my doctor put out a letter and you know, said what great health."

In December 2012, Clinton fainted and fell at her home, sustaining a concussion. After a follow-up exam revealed a blood clot in her head, requiring blood thinners and another hospital stay, Clinton returned work Jan. 7, 2013. This past July, Clinton’s doctor released a medical statement saying the Democratic candidate has no lasting effects from the concussion.

"She is excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the United States," the doctor noted.

Even so, many Republicans have questioned the former secretary of state's health.

On Saturday, however, Clinton laughed off the assertions and used the question as an opportunity to mock Fox News, which she said her late mother often watched -- for an unexpected reason.

Her mom’s response? According to Clinton, she said: "I've got to know what they're saying, so I'm ready!'"