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Wyoming caucus results

The state Democratic party canceled its in-person caucuses amid COVID-19.

Based upon the results reported by the Wyoming Democratic Party, ABC News projects Joe Biden as the winner of the state's Democratic caucus.

State Significance

The Wyoming Democratic Party canceled its in-person caucuses amid concerns about the spread of coronavirus and instead conducted its contest by utilizing vote-by-mail. The state party was accepting ballots that arrived by April 17. There are 14 pledged delegates up for grabs in the Democratic contest.

In 2016, the in-person caucus was the only option for the contest put on by the Wyoming Democratic Party. For 2020, the state party had already planned to offer Democratic voters the options to vote-by-mail or use ballot drop boxes across the state in order to increase participation and accessibility. In mid-March, when the coronavirus outbreak started becoming a real concern in the United States, Wyoming Democrats cancelled the in-person caucuses, originally scheduled for April 4, and later decided to eliminate the ballot drop box option as well, making the contest completely by mail.