University of Missouri

Ten students, working for ABC News, visited nuclear reactors on 25 college campuses and found many gaping security holes, prompting a federal investigation. Here's what the team found at the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Reactor Name: UMR Reactor Facility

Fuel: Low-enriched uranium

Power Level: 200 kW

Began Operating: 1961

Location: The stand-alone building sits on a turnaround side street in a residential area, near academic buildings, student housing and fraternity houses.

Security Observations: There is no fence or gate. According to the university's Web site, reactor tours are available for high school students.

What We Found: The reactor is easily located on a large outdoor campus map. A Fellow was able to wander around the back side of the reactor, where she sat uninterrupted on the grass for an hour. At night, the Fellows parked a car directly in front of the reactor building's entrance.

University reaction: Reactor Manager William Bonzer said the reactor is for educational purposes. He said there is security at the facility but would not comment further. Campus police Chief William Bleckman said that the 5,000-student campus has only 10 police officers, but the reactor is part of their patrol. He said local police, fire officials, hospital representatives and state highway patrol meet at least once a year to review reactor security.

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