Flirting Boyfriend: What Would You Do, Take Two

Jealousies flare as one couple's relationship is put to the test.

ByABC News
February 29, 2008, 4:01 PM

March 3, 2008— -- As Daniel and Victoria enjoyed a dinner last year at a Brooklyn, N.Y., restaurant, they watched a man passionately kiss his girlfriend at a nearby table -- then take a call from his wife.

They at first had no idea that the man and his girlfriend were both actors and that their own reaction was being videotaped. Victoria laid down the law to Daniel that day about what she would do if he ever did that to her.

"If that ever happens," she said. "I'll kill you." Daniel said he understood. "No, seriously, I'll kill you. I'll come … I'll find you … and I will kill you. Best to believe, I'm not playing."

So a year and a half later, we started to wonder about Victoria. What would she do if a waitress started flirting with her man?

We decided to find out by taking Daniel into our confidence.

He lured Victoria to a restaurant. She had no idea that it was rigged with hidden cameras, microphones and an actress playing a waitress who was about to hit on Victoria's boyfriend.

Ambre, our actress, began by telling Daniel he looked familiar. She said he looked like a really cute actor, but she couldn't remember the name. Victoria said that was "a first," and Daniel said it was the first time anyone had said that to him. Ambre said she'd try to remember the actor's name and touched Daniel's arm as she walked away.

When Ambre returned, Victoria couldn't believe her ears when Ambre suggested that Daniel try modeling. Victoria noticed subtle flirting signs, but Daniel tried to remain the loyal boyfriend.

"Baby, all I want is you at the end of the night," he told her.

"I can't even look at you right now because you're talking to her," Victoria replied.

Under stress, Victoria chugged her wine. When the waitress returned, she seemed to pour fuel on the flames. Ambre suddenly "remembered" who Daniel reminded her of -- a cross between Will Smith and Jamie Foxx. Victoria erupted in laughter. Daniel told her he wished he had their money. And even though Daniel knew our waitress was paid to flirt with him, he couldn't help flirting back. He told Ambre she was an excellent waitress.

Victoria wanted to know why he was complimenting her. He said he believed in complimenting waitresses.