That Was the Week That Was: Sept. 16, 2004

Each week, "Primetime Live" closes with "That Was the Week That Was," a revival of a hit show in the 1960s that began in Britain with the BBC.

"TW3," as it's come to be nicknamed, is a catchy song and a big dose of satire. Here are this week's lyrics:

(SUNG) That was the week that was / Martha can't do her time soon enough / She'll miss her dogs and cats, pet chickens too / Then she'll cross hard time off her list of things to do.

(SPOKEN) Martha stood and delivered her address to the nation/ To prepare her loyal subjects for her five-month vacation / I must reclaim my good life she told her corporate board / Was she accepting her fate or an Academy Award? / She stoically prepared for her sacrifice to come. / I go to join my kindred souls, she said, wrapping herself in Martha-dom.

(SUNG) That was the week that was / Congress gave our assault weapons back / Now crooks can get guns, bigger than the ones / On the shoulders of our soldiers in Iraq.

(SPOKEN) Kitty Kelley is trashing George Bush this round / After tearing Jackie O, Diana and Old Blue Eyes down ... / She wrote Dubya did coke at Camp David which made no pundits halt. / Perhaps it's Kitty's reporting that was taken with a GRAM of salt.

(SUNG) Oprah gave free cars away / Made a busload of people's day / Will the lesson that Bush and Kerry learn / Be: give swing voters all a brand new Chevrolet ...

(END STANZA) That was the week that was / It's over, let it go. / Oh what a week that was / That was the week that was!!!!!!!!!