Online Q+A: 'Weddings' Series Guests

In "Weddings," a new, five-part series, ABC News takes a funny and sometimes poignant look at some very different couples and their unusual paths to wedded bliss.

This week the third installment of the series features Leni Cohen Wilson, a Queens, N.Y. school teacher who longed to get married but only found love after she decided to take a one-year sabbatical from dating.

There are also Gilberto Garcia-Tunon and Vivianne Blanco, who prove the old adage that opposites attract.

The couples agreed to give the audience further insights into their paths to marital bliss and offered to answer your questions.

Do you wonder how Leni felt getting out of the dating pool? Do you want to know if you could do the same thing she did? How is it possible that Gilberto and Vivianne can get along so well when they are so different? How do they work things out?

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