Helpful Information on Autism

Do you have questions about autism and its treatment? Here are a number of Web sites that may help.

The Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism This is the Web site of the clinic that treats the Augier children. It includes a calendar of events and a FAQ on autism diagnosis and treatment and center services.

University of California at Santa Barbara's Autism Research and Training Center This Web site represents a program dedicated to studying and treating autism. It also includes a step-by-step guide on how to get help, and descriptions of current research projects.

Autism Society of America Calling itself the leading source of information and referral on autism, this resource represents an organization that is nearly four decades old and comprises more than 20,000 members over 200 chapters in nearly every state.

National Research Council Report on Educating Children with Autism This 300-page book gives a broad, if scholarly, look at the many approaches to education for children with autism.

Cure Autism Now With the aim of accelerating the pace of autism research, this organization of parents, clinicians and leading scientists boasts of having committed more than $12 million to that goal since its founding.

National Institute of Mental Health With an annual budget of more than $1 billion, this component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, conducts research, supports research and distributes information on mental illness.

Autism One This California-based nonprofit organization of parents of children with autism concentrates on three areas: education, on dealing with and treating the condition; advocacy, increasing public awareness and support; and fund-raising, to pay for research and education.