Close Call for Ozzy Osbourne

ByABC News
February 20, 2004, 9:32 AM

Feb. 19 -- It's been a tough year for the Osbournes; the close-knit rock 'n' roll family went from huge ratings on television and incredible success to face illness, drug addiction and then a brush with death.

The famous family recently sat down with Diane Sawyer to talk for the first time about 2003, which ended with Ozzy's near-fatal all-terrain vehicle bike accident, leaving the star in an eight-day coma with multiple injuries.

The accident came after the family had already endured Sharon's struggle with cancer and their son Jack's battle with drugs.

"It's like it couldn't get any worse, there's no way," daughter Kelly told ABCNEWS. "Hands down, the worst year of my life."

No Alcohol, Just a Terrible Accident

Ozzy ended up in the hospital while in England with his daughter Kelly. They were promoting their new duet, a remake of the Black Sabbath song, "Changes." They were staying at their Victorian estate in Buckinghamshire, where they have 150 acres and a seven-bedroom house.

It's a place where the Osbournes have typically gone to relax and have some fun, which included riding ATV's. Then Ozzy took his out for a ride across the sprawling, uneven landscape for what would be one unexpected trip.

"Absolutely no drugs, absolutely no alcohol. It was just a terrible, a terrible accident," said Ozzy. "The last thing I remember, what I do remember is I got on the bike and, and something in my mind went 'bad move. There's something's really bad is gonna happen.' And I go oohuh-oh."

ATVs are increasingly popular in England, but bring their share of dangers. The number of people injured or killed on these during accidents has quadrupled in the last four years.

Bodyguard Revives the Rocker

Ozzy said at the time of his accident he was going, "pretty fast," and was not wearing a helmet while on the 600-pound vehicle.