You Be The Doctor. Diagnose Jennifer's Condition.

Jennifer, a 33-year-old newlywed, has battled an overactive thyroid for years. Recently, she and her husband, Chad, took a test to become certified scuba divers. When they resurfaced from the test dive, Jennifer was so exhausted she had to be towed back to shore. The next day, Jennifer began to experience intermittent numbness in one of her hands. Then, days later, she suddenly developed an alarming symptom: slurred speech. She went to the hospital, and emergency room doctors performed a number of tests, including a CT scan.

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You've been watching Jennifer's story on "Primetime: Medical Mysteries." Now that you know more about Jennifer's thyroid condition and the results of her emergency room tests, what's your latest diagnosis?

A. "The bends," or decompression syndrome, a condition related to scuba diving.

B. A stroke.

C. A hormone imbalance caused by her thyroid disease.

D. Multiple sclerosis.

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