Diane Sawyer

ByABC News
May 1, 2007, 2:34 PM

— -- Diane Sawyer joined ABC News in February 1989, as co-anchor of "Primetime." In addition to her "Primetime" assignment, Sawyer was named co-anchor of "Good Morning America" in January 1999. She has also served as co-anchor of ABC News' "Turning Point," which premiered in March 1994.

Throughout her tenure with ABC News, Sawyer has traveled extensively across the United States and abroad to report on and investigate a wide range of topics. She has covered nearly every major news event and interviewed a diverse group of newsmakers and personalities.

Most recently, Sawyer traveled to North Korea in October 2006 and brought viewers an unprecedented look inside the secretive country. Throughout the week, Sawyer reported live for "Good Morning America" from the country's capital city of Pyongyang and also hosted a special edition of "Primetime" called "North Korea: Inside The Shadows."

She is one of the few Western journalists ever to report from North Korea on the famine and the government's attempt to keep it secret. In January 2005, Sawyer traveled to Southeast Asia and reported live on the aftermath of the tsunami that left a path of death and destruction behind.

Sawyer's additional overseas reporting includes her coverage of the attempted coup in Moscow, when she made her way into the office of Boris Yeltsin at the moment the attempted Soviet coup was at its crisis.

During the Gulf War, she traveled to Egypt to interview President Hosni Mubarak and to Amman, Jordan, where she interviewed King Hussein and his American-born wife, Queen Noor.

Sawyer reported extensively from Iraq and Kuwait during the 2003 war. She conducted an exclusive interview with one of the main architects of Saddam Hussein's bioweapons program, Dr. Rihab Taha -- nicknamed "Dr. Germ" -- and took a unique ride on a military plane with soldiers wounded in the war. After the war, she had an exclusive interview with Gen.Tommy Franks, head of the U.S. Central Command.

In the fall of 2005, Sawyer traveled to New Orleans to report firsthand on the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. She also sat down for an exclusive interview with President Bush live from The White House in the weeks following the hurricane.