Dr. Evil Returns; Lance Bass Marries

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title: Dr Evil Returns, Talks Kim Jong Un

text: Mike Myers made a much-lauded return to “Saturday Night Live” and resurrected his character Dr. Evil, best known from the Austin Powers movies.

Why bring the evil villain back? To talk about his pal, Kim Jong Un.



title:Bill de Blasio Criticized Over Cop Deaths

text: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was the subject of much controversy this weekend after the shooting deaths of two police officers in Brooklyn.

The head of the largest police union said there is "blood on his hands" after what has been perceived as a series of slights against the police force following the grand jury decisions in both the Michael Brown and Eric Garner police-involved deaths.

A group of angry police officers turned their backs to the mayor when he entered the news conference at the hospital Saturday evening. He is expected to address the public again today.



title: Lance Bass Gets Married

text: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass, 35, married Michael Turchin in Los Angeles Saturday, People magazine reported.

Bass and the artist got engaged in September 2013 and shortly after, he spoke to ABC News about what to expect from his grand wedding.



title: Ancient Discovery at Stonehenge

text: Researchers at Buckingham University have discovered a 6,000-year-old encampment near Stonehenge, the prehistoric ring of standing stones in the English countryside.

The discovery may delay government plans for a tunnel near the site.

The stones in the encampment are located about a mile from the rock formation and have been tested by researchers, proving it dates back to 4000 B.C.

More testing is needed throughout the area because the researchers reportedly found other suggestions of building sites.